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Atlantic Presenters Association Seeks Redevelopment of Website


The Atlantic Presenters Association (APA) is the regional arts presenterís organization for Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We are a leader in the presentation of the performing arts and promote the development of performing arts touring in the Atlantic Canadian region. Our mission is to enable our members to enhance, promote, and facilitate diverse, quality live performances, and to provide an exchange of best practices and ideas. In so doing, the lives of Atlantic Canadians are enriched because of the strong, vital presenters providing live performance experiences.

We organize two conferences annually (Contact East Showcase conference and Shiftchange for festival), in addition to professional development workshops and a spring retreat for members.



The overall schedule should result in a new website, ready to be launched during the first half in February 2020 at the latest.

Nov 14 Issue SoW and request quotations from companies and individuals

Nov 26 Receive quotes

Dec 2 Award contract

Dec 13 Initial WordPress installation

Dec 16 - 19 Train APA staff

Jan 6 Ė 29 APA staff implement content with training and trouble shooting of contractor

Jan 29 to Feb 12 Supplier to ensure all aspects of the site work well and are ready for launch

Feb 14 Final approval by APA to launch

Feb 15 Replace existing website and redirect contacteast.ca to the new site


We have set aside a budget of $5,000 for the contractorís scope of work.

Should your approach require additional budget, please explain this in your quotation.

We anticipate that within this budget the contractor can supply 2 days of training for our staff (we anticipate training will be delivered online rather than in person), including trouble shooting as we begin to use the new backend.

This budget assumes that all content will be prepared by APA, while all technical aspects, from installation to technical support and expertise, is supplied by the contractor.


We require the following information in your budget estimate:

- Project leader CV (no more than 1 page focussing on relevant highlights)

- Team member experience with open source CMS in general and WordPress in particular

- Team member experience identifying and activating relevant plug-ins

- 2 similar projects: brief description and client reference

- Budget and Schedule

Please supply your quotation no later than November 26, 2019 at 3 pm Atlantic Time. Please email laurie@atlanticpresenters.ca with any questions before Nov 22.

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Atlantic Presenters Association Seeks Redevelopment of Website

Redevelopment of Atlantic Presenters Association (APA) web site presence, located at atlanticpresenters.ca and contacteast.ca to meet the contemporary B2B web users expectations.

Our new site must be fully optimized for Google search and use structured data standards (Schema.org) to describe our content. (more)

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