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4 Tips for Creating a Successful Contact East Submission

February 27, 2019 | Each year, Contact East brings together the very best of North American talent in music, theatre and dance to showcase and pitch their work to regional, national and international presenters. Contact East is a meeting place for artists and presenters to facilitate numerous and diverse performing arts activities in Canada and on international stages. It features formal showcase events; the Contact Room where artists, agents and presenters can interact; One-to-One Business Meetings and a variety of workshops, clinics and round table discussions.

Sounds cool, right? While thatís all well and good, itís not very relevant if you donít get accepted. But fret not--we have a list of tips from past Contact East jurors that will up your chances of getting to showcase at Atlantic Canadaís premier performing arts conference!

1.Good video = good chances

Something that almost all jurors emphasize is video quality--if your video is less than stellar, then so are your chances of being accepted. One juror said to pretend your video was airing on TV--avoid amateur shots like shaky clips of the audience. Yes, jurors need to know what your live performance is going to look like in order to make an informed decision--however, if itís low quality in a noisy, dark venue, then it wonít paint a flattering picture of your performance skills. And the jury have to be able to hear your performance as well as see it, your performance should ring loud and clear. Making sure your live performance video is high quality can make all the difference in your application.

2. Keep it concise

Our jurors are busy people, and going through hundreds of applications can be quite the daunting task. Make sure you stick to the point, but still cover all the requirements. Donít add unnecessary information because you think itíll beef up your application--if anything, it will just give our jurors a headache.

3. Donít submit an incomplete application

This seems like itíd be a given, but you wouldnít believe how many incomplete applications we get each year. If you donít fully understand the application or are unsure of something, call or email the APA office Ė we are here to help!

4. We can (and will) lurk you

Something that many applicants donít consider when completing their submission is their online presence. Jurors are definitely going to lurk your social media and website when making their decisions. So make sure your online platforms are up-to-date. Oh, and one more thing: you canít just get away with a Facebook page. Applicants should have an actual, professional website with a bio, videos, photos, contact information, touring dates (both past and present), up-to-date news and media info.

And thatís that! Keeping all of those tips in mind, you should be able to seriously improve your chances of being accepted into Contact East 2019. Still need some extra help? Contact APA with any application questions you may have--we truly do want to see you succeed!

Ready to submit? CLICK HERE!

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