About APA: Overview/Mission


  • To facilitate the presentation of professional, quality live performances by our members.
  • To encourage the presentation of and engagement with diverse art forms among members.
  • To increase access to professional work by equity-seeking groups (women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, people with physical disabilities or mental health challenges.)
  • To provide spaces for a vital exchange of best practices and ideas.


Together, we are at the vanguard of enriching the lives of Atlantic Canadians and building vibrant, inclusive communities through shared live performance experiences.

Guiding Principles

  • Working together in a supportive, collegial, generous way strengthens everyone.
  • A safe, supportive, enriching, collaborative environment allows for rich personal and professional development.
  • Every community in Atlantic Canada deserves a rich cultural life.
  • Communities deserve to have access to their own local curatorial voice.
  • Peer exchanges on our business practices validate and elevate our shared professionalism as presenters and APA validates our profession to the broader performing arts eco-system.